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sites about Georges Brassens

Auprès de son arbre French site with lots of information and news about all things Brassens. Sign up for their newsletter to keep up to date with the latest happenings.

brassenswithenglish more than 50 Brassens' songs with English translations

analysebrassens in-depth analysis in French of many of Brassens' songs

Tonton Georges en anglais

Jake Thackray's English interpretation of La gorille. Lyrics & guitar tab.

Chris Elvin's English interpretation of La gorille. Lyrics and mp3

Joe Flood & Andy Villamil. We like this American interpretation of La mauvaise réputation.

Georges Brassens en español

Georges Brassens en castillano Brassens' lyrics in Spanish; translated for singing by Ramón García Toga.

Lots of information, in Spanish, about Brassens and a bonus of Brassens' original lyrics in French.

A very useful resource and a great place to start if you are a perfomer and would like to sing Brassens in Spanish.



some of our other projects

Max's French Cafe Music

Blackdown Voices sounds of the Blackdown Hills set to music

Cowbells, clarinet & crickets sounds from the Jura mountains, recorded after Projet Brassens' trip to Charavines Festival. 2011

Victorian Spinning in the 21st Century a film by Charlie Hearnshaw about Coldharbour Mill