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"The combination of sublime clarinet and saxophone playing from Charlie Hearnshaw and delightful vocals from Maxine Green, who sings with a wonderfully light, yet seductive touch..." Western Daily Press, UK

"...the female voice and English nationality of the singer are the unexpected feature of this album. Maxine Green has a very feminine, almost flute-like voice, but in tackling the repertoire, she doesn't appear to be influenced at all by prejudices of the kind that say these are songs for a male voice. And it works - there is compensation for what is lost in terms of virility in the cheeky delivery which suits the singer's voice. And... it is the playing of Charlie Hearnshaw, above all on the clarinet, whether as soloist or playing in counterpoint to Maxine Green, which is the essential feature of the musical colour of this group." Le Mauricien

"The musicians' aim is to overcome barriers (to understanding and appreciation) by reinterpreting (Brassens') songs in modern idiom and conveying something of the irreverent wit, deep humanity and perceptive social comment through their musical arrangements. Green's sensitive vocals capture the mood as it swings from tender to light-hearted or satirical..."
Times Educational Supplement, England

"...the second CD from this talented group...The voice of Maxine Green is superbly accompanied by the guitars, bass, clarinet and saxophone of the Quartet...Joan of Arc would have liked these English people very much..."
Auprès de son Arbre, France

“...we can only confirm the pleasure brought to us by these interpretations of Brassens' songs with very jazzy accompaniments. Interpretations at the same time original and faithful to the spirit of their author which show, if it were at all necessary, that both text and music are at the heart of Brassens."
Chant'Essonne, France

“...first class musicians! You should hear how they make tonton Georges' songs brief, a real delight. In addition, the icing on the cake, a great hommage titled 'Le choix'. ”
Joseph Moalic, le journal Les Amis de Georges, France

"Without doubt Father Georges would be the first to be astounded...the surprise is constant, the pleasure renewed."
Chorus - les cahiers de la chanson, France

"La marine is simultaneously a wonderful introduction to Brassens and a wonderful re-thinking of his work. Green's wonderfully suited to Brassens' tender, cynical, ironic, hilarious, sentimental, death-haunted oeuvre: she catches the wildness and the sudden shifts of the songs. Hearnshaw's solos are always intelligent, apt, and a little surprising. It is certainly cheeky for a group from Devon to take on France's foremost chansonnier in this manner....the group is bringing a new consciousness to Brassens' work--a consciousness which illuminates the songs even as it affirms their deepest traditions. Projet Brassens does to Georges Brassens' work what all good jazz does to its material: it treats it with respect, but it also makes it new."
Jack Foley, The Alsop Review, USA

"The English singer Maxine Green records her Brassens in French, with guitars and clarinets. The slight accent that succeeded for Jane Birkin, and before her Petula Clark, isn’t Maxine’s only charm. In the lively tone of her style, one can rediscover the mischievous smile of the Master of these words."
Chorus - les cahiers de la chanson, France

“...having been really seduced...I imagine that you will be too! The arrangements - jazz - lack neither personality nor diversity.... these songs are sung by Maxine Green with a charm...and a talent which must be underlined.”
Joesph Moalic, le journal Les Amis de Georges, France

“Virile and reflective chamber jazz.”
The Times, England

“A light approach to be-bop which also encompasses Latin American and World Music, giving a panoramic effect.”
Time Out magazine, England

“... there is a feeling of joy which communicates itself to the listener. This is the kind of music which gives me the most pleasure.”
Alun Morgan, jazz critic, England

2011 Le festival Brassens à Charavines Near the French Alps. festival website
2007 11ème Festival Georges Brassens Vaison la Romaine, South of France
2007 Festival Georges Brassens Gouvy, Belgium
2007 Swindon Festival of Literature Collaboration with author Julian Barnes
2006 Mastermind BBC 2
2006 Major feature on the national news Télévision 2, France
2002 6ème Festival Georges Brassens Vaison la Romaine, South of France
Since 1999, touring in England via the National Rural Touring Forum

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“Sexy, soulful, rhythmic, funny - a stirring example of how music can transcend language barriers. The sultry voice of Maxine Green was full of expression, and her choice of anecdotes added to the depth of her interpretation.”
North Devon Journal, England

“If this group’s CD has seduced more than one person, attending their concert provided one of the best moments of this week...”
Patrick Clemence, le journal Les Amis de Georges, France

"Terrific! Brilliant! Would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone."
Matt Holland, Director, Swindon Festival of Literature 2007

"Thank you very much indeed for an excellent Cabaret.  The response from our Members (as we evaluate each event) has been absolutely first class.
We received very favourable comments indeed about the way in which you gave a brief summary of the song in English before singing it in French, which gave less fluent members a 'handle' and allowed them a better chance of following the song and the story inside it.  Many people specifically commented on this in a very positive way."
Lynn Whitmore, Secretary of Chelmsford French Circle 2008

"These are really wonderful interpretations which offer perhaps the most original reformulation of Georges Brassens’ music that anyone has ever produced.”
William Hinshaw, Georges Brassens American Fan Club website