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Le vent. Projet Brassens Quartet 2003

1 Le vent mp3
2 La non-demande en mariage mp3
3 Celui qui a mal tourné  
4 Les sabots d'Hélène mp3
5 Le roi  
6 Montélimar  
7 Le choix mp3
8 Histoire de faussaire mp3
9 Les passantes  
10 Bécassine mp3
11 P... de toi mp3
12 Pénèlope  
13 Au bois de mon coeur mp3



Histoire de faussaire

what the press say...

"...we can only confirm the pleasure brought to us by these interpretations of Brassens' songs with very jazzy accompaniments. Interpretations at the same time original and faithful to the spirit of their author which show, if it were at all necessary, that both text and music are at the heart of Brassens." Chant 'Essonne