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La marine. Projet Brassens Quartet 1999


1 La marine mp3
2 Philistins mp3
3 Ballade des dames du temps jadis  
4 Les amoureux des bancs publics  
5 Je me suis fait tout petit mp3
6 Bonhomme  
7 Le bistrot mp3
8 Pauvre Martin mp3
9 Chanson pour l'Auvergnat  
10 Altesse mp3
11 Les croquants  
12 Mourir pour des idées  
13 Le testament  


Highness, I have had to know bad luck and put-downs,
Known my sunny spells punctuated by fearful storms.
I have had to be poor, a wanderer and deceived,
Had to take plenty of kicks up the backside.
I've had holes in my canvas breeches in winter,
I've had to shiver with cold, and yet gazed at the stars.
And all this so that at last, my best days gone,
I should become what I am, profound and celebrated philosopher.

© 2000 Dr. Ted Neather
This translation aims to convey meaning and does not attempt
poetry or song.

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