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La marine
last update 26.09.04
CD 'La marine'
Jazz interpretations of Georges Brassens' chansons, sung in French, by Projet Brassens Quartet.
Projet Brassens also publishes a booklet with English translations of the songs, plus notes, by Dr Ted Neather. Details are on our mail-order page.
La marine pour nos visiteurs francophones
 1  La marine  mp3 (2:12)  Lyrics and translation

 2  Philistins  mp3 (0:53)

 3  Ballade des dames du temps jadis  Lyrics, translation and notes

 4  Les amoureux des bancs publics

 5  Je me suis fait tout petit  mp3 (0:42)

 6  Bonhomme  Lyrics and translation

 7  Le bistrot    Lyrics and translation

 8  Pauvre Martin  mp3 (1:35)

 9  Chanson pour l'Auvergnat

10  Altesse  mp3 (0:32)  Lyrics and translation

11  Les croquants

12  Mourir pour des idées

13  Le testament  Lyrics and translation

Playing time 54:07

"Delicious...remarkable jazz arrangements...having been really seduced on hearing the CD I imagine that you will be too!"
Le journal Les Amis de Georges, France

"The English singer Maxine Green records her Brassens in French, with guitars and clarinets. The slight accent which made the success of Jane Birkin, and before her of Petula Clark, isn't Maxine's only charm. In the lively tone of her style, one can rediscover the mischievous smile of the Master of these words."
Michel Trihoreau, le journal Chorus - les cahiers de la chanson, France

" I have just discovered this little jewel and I would love to share this pleasure with the listeners...this disc could certainly achieve great success in Canada."
André Dupré, Radio-Canada CBC

"La marine is simultaneously a wonderful introduction to Brassens and a wonderful re-thinking of his work. Green's wonderfully suited to Brassens' tender, cynical, ironic, hilarious, sentimental, death-haunted oeuvre: she catches the wildness and the sudden shifts of the songs. Hearnshaw's solos are always intelligent, apt, and a little surprising. It is certainly cheeky for a group from Devon to take on France's foremost chansonnier in this manner....the group is bringing a new consciousness to Brassens' work--a consciousness which illuminates the songs even as it affirms their deepest traditions. Projet Brassens does to Georges Brassens' work what all good jazz does to its material: it treats it with respect, but it also makes it new."
Jack Foley, The Alsop Review, USA

"These really are wonderful interpretations....They offer perhaps the most original reformulation of the music of Georges Brassens ever produced."
William Hinshaw, webmaster, Georges Brassens American Fan Club

"Sexy, soulful, rhythmic, funny....a stirring example of how music can transcend language barriers."
Suzanne Moore, North Devon Journal

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