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Buying CDs
You can buy them online or at our concerts.
The CD links below give more information, track listings and mp3 soundclips.
Our CDs are not available in the shops.
Acheter disques
Vous pouvez les acheter ici ou à nos concerts.
Les liens ci-dessous donnent plus de détail sur les disques, et des exemplaires mp3s.
Vous ne trouverez pas nos enregistrements dans les magasins.
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About Shelly Studios
Shelly Studios sponsors Projet Brassens. It is an independent record label focussing on jazz, and on music in any style which includes an element of improvisation. Shelly Studios is based in Devon, south west England.
Sur le Shelly Studios
Le Shelly Studios parraine le Projet Brassens. Shelly Studios est un petit label indépendant, dont les points forts sont le jazz et toute musique qui inclut un élément important d'improvisation. Shelly Studios se trouve dans le Devon, sud-ouest d'Angleterre.
CD 'Le vent'
Le vent (2003)
Le vent pour nos visiteurs francophones
CD 'La marine'
La marine (2000)
La marine pour nos visiteurs francophones
CD 'Indevout'
Indevout (2005)
CD 'Slotang'
Slotang (1999).
Clarinet/alto saxophone and guitar.
Original compositions by Charlie Hearnshaw.
Track listing
CD 'Jazz Bach & Beatles'
Jazz Bach & Beatles (2002).
Clarinet/alto saxophone and guitar.
Track listing
CD 'Pé de Moleque'
Pé de Moleque (2005 remix).
Clarinet/alto saxophone and guitar.
Jazz standards and jazz arrangements of Fauré's Pavane and Bach's Bourée.
Track listing
CD 'Jazz and Waltzes'
Jazz and Waltzes (2005)
Clarinet and guitar.
The duo's instrumental touring repertoire during summer 2005.
Jazz, swing and latin, Georges Brassens' waltzes, and original tunes.
Track listing
CD 'Sailing By'
Sailing By (2000)
Clarinets, guitars, bass.
Studio recording of the duo's instrumental touring repertoire during summer 2000.
Jazz, swing and latin.
Track listing
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