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Eric Butterworth's English song version of Le testament. He writes: "I try to stick close to the original, where possible...I would be delighted if you put my version on your page, where it might encourage students to try their hand at this sort of thing."

Dr. Ted Neather has translated the meaning of the French lyrics, with some notes about Brassens' wordplay, within our booklets "Projet Brassens" and "La marine translated". Full details of these booklets are at our online sales page.
Le testamentLast will and testament
Chanson de Georges Brassens Translation by Eric Butterworth
Je serai triste comme un saule,
Quand le Dieu qui partout me suit,
Me dira, le main sur l'épaule,
"Va-t'en voir là-haut si j'y'suis."
Alors, du ciel et de la terre
Il me faudra faire mon deuil...
Est-il encore debout le chêne,
Ou le sapin de mon cerceuil?
I dread the day when I'm not much older
When God who dogs me everywhere
Steps up and taps me on the shoulder
Says: "Go see if I'm in up there."
It'll be goodbye to sun and seasons
Farewell to earth and sea and sky.
Is that strong oak or pine still standing
That'll be my coffin by and by?
S'il faut aller au cimitière,
J' prendrai le chemin le plus long,
J' ferai la tombe buissonnière,
J' quitterai la vie à reculons...
Tant pis si les croqu'-morts me grondent,
Tant pis s'ils me croient fou à lier,
Je veux partir pour l'autre monde
Par le chemin des écoliers.
I'll be AWOL when the last trumpet sounds and
I won't be there to catch the hearse
. If I must go, I'll go the long way round and
I'm going to leave life in reverse.
The vulture at the funeral parlour
Can eye the clock day after day
I'm in no rush to leave the gala
I'll dilly-dally on the way.
Avant d'aller conter fleurette
Aux belles âmes des damné's,
Je rêv' d'encore une amourette,
Je rêv' d'encor' m'enjuponner...
Encore un' fois dire: "Je t'aime"...
Encore un' fois perdre le nord
En effeuillant le chrysanthème
Qui'est la marguerite des morts.
Before I go to push up daisies
With sinners who have gone before
I dream of one last fling, it's crazy,
I want to fall in love once more.
Just one more time to say, "I love you."
Just one last chance to lose my head.
- Six foot of sacred soil above you -
You can't pick rosebuds when you're dead.
Dieu veuill' que ma veuve s'alarme
En enterrant son compagnon,
Et qu' pour lui fair' verser des larmes
Il n'y ait pas besoin d'oignon...
Qu'elle prenne en secondes noces
Un époux de mon acabit:
Il pourra profiter d'mes bottes,
Et d'mes pantoufle's et d'mes habits.
I hope the tears of my late mate are,
(That's as she lays me `neath the sod),
Not crocodile or alligator
I hope not counterfeit, by God.
I hope she finds another partner
Of similar stature and repute
Who can stand in my shoes -- and trousers
And who can wear my leather boots.
Qu'il boiv' mon vin, qu'il aim' ma femme,
Qu'il fum' ma pipe et mon tabac,
mais que jamais - mort de mon âme! -
Jamais il ne fouette mes chats...
Quoique je n'ai' pas un atome,
Une ombre de méchanceté,
S'il fouett' mes chats, y'a un fantôme
Qui viendra le persécuter.
To him my wines, my wife, my treasures
He can sit in my favourite chair
I leave him use of all the pleasures
That I enjoyed when I was there.
But if he kicks my cats, the vandal,
Although I'm void of hate or spite,
He'll get no rest when he blows out the candle
My ghost will haunt him day and night.
Ici-gît une feuille morte,
Ici finit mon testament...
On a marqué dessus ma porte:
"Fermé pour caus' d'enterrement."
J'ai quitté la vi' sans rancune,
J'aurai plus jamais mal aux dents:
Me v'là dans la fosse commune,
La fosse commune du temps.
Here lies a fallen leaf. It's certain.
Here endeth my last will and deed.
Switch off the light and draw the curtain
Off to the cemetery. God speed!
I said goodbye with no ill-feelings
- I'll suffer toothache never more!-
Here I now am. The common grave my lodging
Where time dumps all, both rich and poor.
© 1955 Ed. Intersong-Paris

© 2002 Eric Butterworth

Ted Neather's translation

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