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Georges Brassens Projet Brassens
Photo of Georges Brassens by Studio Harcourt. Photo of Projet Brassens Quartet by Double Exposure
"La musique qui marche au pas, cela ne me regarde pas"
"Music that makes you march in step does absolutely nothing for me."
Projet Brassens is a non profit making Association of professional jazz musicians working with linguists, language-teachers and academics based in the south west of England. We share a love of music, poetry and language, and we have all been inspired in some way by the great French poet/songwriter Georges Brassens.

Established in 1997, Projet Brassens aims to:
"...promote greater appreciation and understanding of the songs and poems of Georges Brassens...and to develop Georges Brassens' work creatively."

Individually and together the members of Projet Brassens are involved in many different activities.
Jazz and cabaret performances, in concerts open to the public, for social events and private functions
Composing and arranging music, songwriting, recording and session work in various styles
Producing CDs on the independent Shelly Studios record label
Translation and education.

If you want to read about all of these, links at the end of every page will help you find your way around.
If you want to email us, there's an email button at the end of every page too.

If you've arrived at this site seeking specific information, here's a brief guide.

Projet Brassens Quartet and Georges Brassens have detailed individual pages.

Giglist details the musicians' upcoming public concerts, including those with Projet Brassens Quartet.

Shelly Studios CDs lists the catalogue of Shelly Studios, an independent record label producing new jazz and jazz-influenced recordings. You can hear mp3 soundclips of recordings.
Albums include La marine (2000) and Le vent (2003), selections of Georges Brassens' chansons with new jazz arrangements, sung in French, performed by Projet Brassens Quartet.
Shelly Studios sponsors Projet Brassens' work.

Lyrics and translations include a selection of Georges Brassens' chansons, plus original songs by members of Projet Brassens, and mp3 soundclips.

Order online to buy CDs, mp3s and books.

Musical scores of original tunes are available.

Book a band describes the various bands with which the musicians of Projet Brassens are involved, with some mp3 soundclips. This section will be of most use to people seeking a band for a concert, social event, party, a private function or a wedding. Those of you planning a wedding will also find suggestions for music to accompany the Civil Wedding Ceremony.

Educational activities will interest francophone students, teachers and lecturers.

Stop press lists our latest news and additions to this site.

We are looking for people who would like to help Projet Brassens in our work, and for people who would consider sponsoring Projet Brassens.

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